Mumbai witnesses its 31st organ donation, so far this year

A 47-year-old brain-dead woman help give a new lease of life to one patient. The family was aware of what organ donation is and consented to donate her organs  

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The organ donation occurred at Jupiter Hospital in Thane on Sunday, March 31. A liver and cornea were retrieved during the procedure. This is the 31st organ donation that the city has witnessed in the last three months of 2019.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Anirudh Kulkarni, Jupiter Hospital coordinator stated, “The brain-dead donor had suffered a stroke and had a fall at home. The family had admitted her to Lifeline Hospital in Thane. The nephrologist had started treatment but she was declared as brain-stem death.”

He added, “The family was aware of organ donation and were also counselled at Lifeline Hospital. When the deceased patient was brought to Jupiter Hospital, we explained to them about the organ donation procedure. They consented to donate her organs. They initially consented to donate her heart, kidneys and liver. Her heart could not be utilised and her kidneys were unfit for transplant as the creatinine levels were too high.”

Kulkarni further said, “In the end, her liver and cornea was donated. Her liver was utilised at Jupiter Hospital itself, while her corneas were donated to Sahiyara Eye Bank in Thane.”