Here’s how you can manage those split ends

Split ends has become quite a common problem these days as more and more women resort to heat styling procedures and chemical processing. Repetitive injury from heat, chemicals, mechanical friction etc. can damage the hair shaft enough to cause splaying and splitting

Although split ends can occur anywhere in the length of the shaft, split ends are most commonly seen at the ends of the hair. Prevention and treatment It is important to treat the hair gently. Avoid regular towels and use silk or cotton to wrap your hair dry after shampooing and do not rub hair […]

Early baldness interlinked with higher heart disease risk in men

The research, to be presented at the CSI's 69th annual conference in Kolkata, studied 790 men under 40 who had coronary artery disease and 1,270 healthy men of a similar age, who acted as a control group.

Male pattern baldness and premature greying are more of a risk factor for heart disease than obesity in men under 40, new research suggests. A study of more than 2,000 young men in India showed more who had coronary artery disease were prematurely bald or grey than men with a full head of hair. The […]

How often you should wash your hair, according to science

Outside the shower, our scalps gradually get shinier, darker, and more oily. So why does it happen, and how often should you wash to keep the grease at bay?

How often you should wash your hair, according to scienceYou’ve probably wondered how often you need to wash that (sometimes greasy, sometimes not) hair of yours. The question is a vexing one. It’s so common, in fact, that it’s the third suggestion that pops up when typing ‘how often’ into Google (following queries about showering and pooping). The root of the issue Your hair […]

Can onion juice help restore hair growth?

Onions contain antioxidants, such as flavonoids. Antioxidants are believed to protect the body from free radicals. Free radicals are thought to contribute to the aging process. For example, free radicals may destroy the hair follicles and lead to thinning and loss of the hair

Hair loss is very common and may involve bald patches, complete baldness or gradual thinning. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 80 million men and women in the United States have some degree of hair loss. Fast facts on onion juice for hair loss: Onions contain certain minerals, which may be good for […]

Tips to protect your skin and hair this summer!

The summer, apart from the incessant heat bring in its wake a host of skin and hair problems. With summer officially here, experts tell you how to protect your skin and take care of your tresses

Tips to protect your skin and hair this summer!Summer heralds the arrival of sweat, lack of energy, dehydration, seasonal diseases, harsh sunburns, deep tanning and myriad skin and hair problems. With blazing heat, the body’s first defense organ, the skin and hair takes the onslaught of the scorching sun-rays. Know how to keep our skin healthy and hair lustrous. Dr Apratim Goel, Dermatologist and […]

Golden rules for great hair

No matter how strong and beautiful your hair appear to you, pay careful attention to their hair care regimen to grow keep them at its best. As, hair care is one of the mandatory aspects of our beauty regime. Dr Apratim Goel, dermatologist and laser surgeon of Cutis Skin Studio lists out hair care tips. Besides, she tell you more about natural hair care and remedies for hair care

Golden rules for great hairWhich is the single most important factor to maintain healthy hair? It’s not expensive products and exotic oils, but a balanced healthy diet followed regularly. Hair needs to be nourished on daily basis. Since, everyone these days is on weight loss diets, remember that you are compromising the hair nutrition as well. Hair needs carbs, […]

Scientists come close to finding a cure for baldness

Stem cell therapy has been suggested as a possible future treatment for hair loss for years. The research published in Cell Reports found a single skin ‘bud’ developed in culture can give rise to both the epidermis and dermis

Scientists come close to finding a cure for baldnessA cure for baldness has moved a step closer to reality after researchers created ‘hairy skin’ in the lab for the first time. Using stem cells from mice, scientists grew both the upper and lower layers of skin, which developed hair follicles as they would in a mouse’s body. The lab-grown skin tissue more closely […]

Worried about hair in your food?

Assume yourself going out for dinner and ordering your favourite meal. Then, you spot a single small hair nestled into it which spoils your dish, mood and hygiene as well. You feel disgusted right?

Worried about hair in your food?Hair is one of the most commonly found ‘foreign bodies’ in food and a physical contaminants in food along with stones, metals and so on. Finding a hair in your food is gross, no question. But the fact of life is that hair ends up in our food quite often and quite accidentally, whether it’s in […]

Know why these Mumbaikars shaved off their head

Cancer is often referred to as a very painful disease. As a Christmas Santa, two volunteers from a childhood cancer Centre shaved off their heads to make the children suffering from cancer feel good and smile

Christmas is for spreading smiles and much awaited joy. To make these cancer survivor children happy, two volunteers from Access Life Assistance Foundation shaved-off their heads as a gesture to help other children feel that they aren’t alone. “We were equally surprised and glad to see our care-takers do this for our children. The smiles […]

Seven ways to get thicker hair

Thin or thinning hair is a widespread condition. Men often experience hair loss from male pattern baldness, but both women and men may experience thin hair in their lifetime

Seven ways to get thicker hairWhile there is no way to change the texture of the hair follicles, there are many things people can do to make hair appear thicker and to reduce breakage and hair loss. Thinning hair could be caused by: natural aging genetics poor nutrition overuse of commercial hair products reactions or allergies to chemicals or substances illness […]