Son responds to medical treatment while mother struggles to gather funds

Prathmesh has been suffering from cerebral palsy since the age of 12. Eevn after taking several medications for 8 years, he showed no improvements, Now, he has a better chance to be cured with stem cells therapy. His mother is trying her best to collect Rs8 lakh, amount needed for the treatment

Prathemesh Tanavade (20) and his mother Divya Tanavade

For Divya Tanavade, it was a moment of unbounded joy when she noticed consistent improvement in her 20-year-old son’s speech. Her son, Prathmesh Tanavade was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was 12-year-old. Despite giving him best of the available treatments in the last eight years, the family did not see any improvement until they started the stem cell therapy.

Prathmesh’s positive response to the therapy has given a ray of hope to Divya. But, Divya needs sufficient funds for his son to undergo the treatment.

“He was diagnosed at age 12 with cerebral palsy. We gave him several treatments in these years, but the results were only temporary,” Divya told My Medical Mantra.

After the limited success of these treatments, Prathmesh has been put under stem cells therapy. Doctors have recommended three stages of this therapy for him.

“After completing the first stage of the treatment, we have seen remarkable improvement in Prathmesh. The strokes have stopped and there is significant improvement in his speech,” said Divya adding that in order to complete the treatment, they will need at least Rs8 lakh.

The Tanavades have tremendous hopes from this therapy, which has compelled the mother to not only take a loan from ban, but also pawn her jewellery. Divya is also trying to get help from the CM relief fund.

“We are doing our best to collect this amount to complete his treatment,” Divya Tanavade told MMM.

In cerebral palsy, cells in the brain get damaged due to inadequate blood supply. This may cause walking and eating disorder and it may also affect speech as well as intellectual ability. It may also hamper eye coordination and muscle movement. Though it is not completely possible to recover the damaged cells, severity of the disease can be reduced by stem cell therapy. In this therapy, stem cells are extracted from patient’s bone marrow. These extracted cells are then injected near the brain or spinal cord. The aim of this process is to rejuvenate the damaged part of the brain.

“Idea here is that the cells speak to cells while drugs cannot. This therapy is useful under the age of eight. With the growing age, it may have its limitations,” said Dr Pradip Mahajan, Researcher of Regenerative Medicines, who is treating Prathmesh.

He added that Prathmesh has responded well to the first stage of the treatment and pins hope on the therapy to get him back to normalcy.

“He has given a fantastic response to this therapy. I am sure that after completing the treatment he will be able to live a life of a normal boy,” the doctor said.

To help, kindly donate funds in the given account:

Divya Pradeep Tanavade
Greater Bombay Cooperative Bank, Dahisar (E) Branch
Account no.- 30203967247
IFSC Code- GBCB0000012

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