Know the doctors who will treat Eman

Dr Muffazal Lakdawala (in centre with mike) with the team of doctors who will treat Eman Ahmed, at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai

Eman, who weighed 500 kilos and is said to be world’s heaviest woman, has been confided to bed in her Alexandria home in Egpyt for last 25 years. It was on Friday, that she was lifted in a specially-made bed with wheels with the help of a crane and brought to Mumbai in Egpyt Air Cargo airplane on February 11.

She is admitted in Saifee Hospital, wherein a special room has been made for her. In last 48 hours, Eman has undergone a battery of tests. While doctors say most of the tests were as per their expectations, they are waiting for her genetic tests results.

Meet the team of doctors who will treat Eman Ahmed.

Huzaifa Shehabi

He is the Chief Operating Officer at Saifee Hospital. Having 15 years of experience in health care industry he has worked on the planning, evacuation and safe travel of Eman from Egypt to Mumbai.


Dr Muffazal Lakdawala: Chairman of Institute of Minimal Access Surgical Sciences and Research Centre at Saifee Hospital, he is a trained laparoscopic surgeon, specialised in bariatric surgery and GI oncology surgery. Over 15 years, he has conducted numerous surgeries and is known internationally for his pioneering work in field of scarless bariatric surgery.

Dr Aparna Govil Bhaskar: She is the first female surgeon to be awarded the designation of an International Center for Excellence for Bariatric Surgery. She is Advanced Laparscopic and Bariatric Surgeon at CODS and Chief of Bariatric Surgery at Saifee Hospital.


Dr Kamlesh Bohra: He is the Senior Intensivist, Department of Critical and Intensive Care at Saifee Hospital. He has 14 years of experience in critical care and has been working at Saifee Hospital since 2005.


Dr Abizer Mankad: He is a Consulting Physician at Saifee Hospital for past nine years.


Dr Shehla Shaikh: The Consultant Endocrinologist at Saifee Hospital, Shaikh is a member of executive committees of Diabetes India and ESI Maharashtra. Dr Shaikh authored number of publications in national and international medical journals.

Gene Testing  

Zoya Brar: She is Managing Director at Core Diagnostics.


Dr Hemal Shah: The Consulting Physician and Nephrologist, Shah is also Head of Department at Saifee Hospital. Dr Shah is specialised in CKD management and dialysis of acute kidney injury in ICU.


Carlyne Remedios: The author of paper ‘Bariatric Nutrition Guidelines for the Indian Population’, Remedios is senior Nutritionist in Dr Lakdawala’s bariatric team. She has a B.HSC in Food Science and Nutrition from SNDT University of Mumbai and a Masters in Dietetics from Deakin Unversity, Melbourne. She is also accredited as a practicing dietician from the Dieticians Association of Australia.


Dr Arun Shah: The Consultant Neurologist and Stroke Specialist, Shah is a Professor Emeritus of Neurology at BYL Nair Hospital and TN Medical College.


Dr Sonal Shah: The Consulting Anaesthesiologist at Saifee Hospital specialised in bariatric, maxillofacial, oncological and plastic surgeries. Dr Shah is a co-author of Silver Book on Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Dr Swati Kudalkar: The consultant anaesthesiologist at Saifee Hospital is a graduate from TN Medical College and BYL Nair Hospital.

Dr Sharmila Nair: Consultant at Saifee Hospital Department of Laproscopic Surgery and Orthopedics department. Completed post-graduation in Anaesthesia from BYL Nair Hospital.


Dr Rajesh Sharma: The specialist in bronchoscopy and critical pulmonary medicine.


Dr Swati Sanghvi

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