Tip of the iceberg: KEM doctor removes stone from patient’s mouth in 40 seconds

Doctors at KEM Hospital have extracted a 15x20 centimetres stone from a 55-year-old man’s mouth. The mass in the man’s mouth had formed 5 years ago. The patient noticed this only after he had difficulties in eating and drinking

The patient was a resident of Lucknow, Babu Bhai Yadav (name changed), a 55-year-old male was living with the stone in his mouth since the past 5 years. From many years, he suffered from pain in the mouth. When he began to have difficulties in eating and drinking he went to a doctor.

The doctor found that there was a mass (stone) under his tongue. The doctor told him that he would have to be operated upon and advised him to go to Mumbai for treatment.

The patient visited KEM Hospital and had come for treatment in the OPD. He was treated under Dr Neelam Sathe who performed a procedure to extract the stone. The permission was taken from his relatives before starting the procedure. A local anaesthetic called 10% lignocaine spray was used to numb the area.

While Dr Neelam Sathe, associate professor and unit head of the ENT department at Mumbai’s civic-run KEM Hospital, said, “The patient had come to us in our OPD. We treated him at the OPD itself. We used a local anaesthetic spray, numbed the area and removed the stone. The patients support us during the procedure by guiding us. The stone was around 15×20  cms. We treated him on that day and discharged him. He’s health is good, the gap from the extraction will be healed in three weeks.”

She added, “We have seen such cases before with stones of 3-4 centimetres, but this is the biggest stone we have encountered. The stone was growing in the man’s mouth since 5-6 years, he wasn’t aware about it, so the stone grew in size. He came to know about it when he began feeling pain and experiencing difficulties.”

Dr Sathe further said, “This stones form due to calcium difficulties. People should drink lots of water, not let saliva accumulate in the mouth for too long. People should immediately consult a doctor if they have swelling in the jaw.”

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