BREAST MILK DONATION- Meet Neha Nadkarni: A beacon for would be mothers

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) as many as 13 to 18 lakh infants lose their life, as they don’t get breast milk on time. Many women are coming forward to donate breast milk, and Mumbaikar Neha Nadkarni, is a motivation for all mothers out there

“Anyone can donate blood, but only a mother can donate Breast Milk. I am blessed that God has chosen me for those babies, who are deprived of their right,” says Neha Nadkarni, a mother, and a donor.

Breast Milk is the right of every newborn baby. We all know that no other product, available in the market, can substitute the breast milk. Human milk, for an infant, acts as a protector and helps in building immunity as well.

Neha is the face of the Breast Milk donation campaign in Mumbai. As a donor, she has donated 15 liters of human Breast milk to Mumbai’s civic-run Sion hospital during the last one-and-half year.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Neha said, “I delivered my baby in 2017. As a mother, even I was also not aware of the importance of Breast Milk donation. However, when doctors counseled me, I decided to donate the excess amount of breast milk.”

“I consider myself blessed. What more can you ask for, when your milk is helping many infants to survive and grow,” added Neha.

In January 2018, Neha donated breast milk for the first time and four more times since then. Now, she has taken a lead role in spreading awareness about the Breast Milk Donation.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Jayashree Mondkar, Dean, civic-run Sion hospital, said, “Neha is a donor for us. She has donated the maximum amount of milk to Sion hospital.”

Neha added, “Spreading awareness about Breast Milk donation has become very significant. So, I spread awareness about Breast Milk donation and encourage other would be mothers to do the same. Till date, I have counseled 20 young mothers, and of which, five have donated as well.”

“Young mothers must understand that rather than throwing the excess Breast Milk, they should donate it. It will save the life of a newborn baby. Breast Milk can be stored in the refrigerator, for three months, and in hospital in stays intact for six months. So, young mothers should come forward, and donate the excess milk,” said Neha.

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