Cut practice law a step closer, Maha starts drafting framework

State appointed committee has begun collecting opinions from all the related stakeholders. They have also started to build the framework of the law. The state government feels that cut practice has raised a serious question on medical services. People are also losing trust on the medical professionals

On one hand, eminent doctors from the healthcare fraternity have extended their full support and cooperation to Asian Heart Institute, promising to work as a crusaders against the ‘cut practice’, the Maharashtra government, on the other hand, is working ceaselessly to build a framework of the proposed law against cut practice. The three member committee, […]

Doctors lend support to AHI in battle against cut practice corruption

Even though AHI maintains that their initiative is not against the doctors, its aim is to put an end to this corrupt practice. AHI will soon launch a website on doctors who are practicing ethically in the country. Eminent doctors have come together to raise their voice against cut practice and lend support to this campaign

A few days after stirring a controversy over the issue of cut practice in the medical fraternity with  a hoarding that read ‘No commission to Doctors’, Dr Ramakanta Panda, vice chairman and managing director of Asian heart institute, the man who initiated this debate, is now being supported by senior and eminent doctors from the […]

Take stern action against ‘Cut Practices’ AHI writes to Maha Medical council

The Asian Heart Institute (AHI) takes its stand on cut practice further and has written a letter to the Maharashtra Medical Council. In a letter dated June 14, AHI has appealed the Council to aggressively pursue and eliminate this unethical practice. A copy of the letter also been sent to state health minister Dr Deepak Sawant and state minister of medical education Girish Mahajan. Padma Bhushan Dr Ramakanta Panda says doctors who are criticising this move are the ones who support the practice of commission

Taking its stand a step further on cut practice in healthcare, the Asian Heart Institute (AHI) has written a letter to the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) saying cut practice is putting financial burden on a patient. In a letter dated June 14, duly signed by thirty-seven doctors from the hospital, the AHI has appealed the […]

‘Cut practice’ hoarding will demoralise caregivers say Pune doctors 

Cut practice is a term given to exchange of commission for referring a patient. This is an internal matter and the way of raising the issue by displaying hoardings is not correct. It is moral responsibility of doctor to follow best practice and not cut practice or other corrupt methods. By taking the issue to the public, it amounts to publicly demoralising doctors

A recent hoarding in Mumbai which highlighted the issue of cut practice which was put up by the Asian Heart Institute has once again stirred up the controversy of cut practice in Indian healthcare system. While doctors from Pune oppose cut practice, they disapprove the idea of putting up hoardings in public domain. At strategic […]

Mumbai heart hospital refuses to pull down hoardings on cut practice

Padma Bhushan Dr Ramakanta Panda, who is also the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Asian Heart Institute, said the hospital aims to put an end to this practice

A day after stirring a controversy on cut practice in healthcare by putting up hoardings at strategic locations across Mumbai, Asian Heart Institute (AHI) has decided not to bow down to medical fraternity’s pressure of pulling down the hoardings. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Padma Bhushan Dr Ramakanta Panda, who is also the Vice Chairman […]

Leading heart hospital’s hoardings on cut practice causes stir in medical fraternity

Asian Heart Institute maintains its stand against ‘practice of commission’, says it has been lauded for the move. IMA asks hospital management to pull down hoarding

A hoarding that says, ‘Honest Opinion. No Commission to Doctors’ by renowned cardiovascular thoracic surgeon and Padma Bhushan Dr Ramakanta Panda’s hospital at strategic locations across the city has once again stirred up the controversy of cut practice in Indian healthcare. A spokesperson of Asian Heart Institute said the reason behind putting up the hoardings […]

Asian Heart Institute trains over 50 fire brigade employees in CPR

CPR is an emergency procedure in which a person presses up and down on the casualty’s chest (chest compressions) and gives them a series of rescue breaths to help save their life when they are in cardiac arrest. Research suggests that the sooner that someone starts CPR after a person collapses; the more likely the victim is to survive

As an extension of its Mumbai Heart Healthy city initiative, of which heart risk mitigation and heart health awareness is the key focus, Asian Heart Institute trained over 50 fire brigade employees in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on Tuesday at Mumbai Fire Brigade Head office at Byculla. The Asian Heart Institute is planning to train 5,000 […]