Mumbai building collapse: Three friends cheat death

Three men, who shifted to Mumbai, just before a month, for their job, suffered injuries in Mumbai building collapse. Fortunately, they didn’t suffer any major injuries. Currently, they are taking treatment at Sir JJ group of hospitals

Mumbai, a city of dreams, where people from every nook and corner of the country, come to try their luck. Unlike others, three men thought of coming to Mumbai and living a life they dreamt of. Salim Hussain (41), a Karnataka resident, Haryana’s Gaurab Chaudhary, (24) and Punjab’s Iqbal Khan came just before a month and suffered a neck injury in Bhendi Bazaar building collapse. All three were working as security guards in a private company.

Since there was no facility for lodging in Mumbai, the company manager had arranged for the accommodation in the building. After finishing their night duty, they returned at 7:30 am in the morning. And after an hour, the building collapsed. Fortunately, they were saved.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra Salim Hussain said, “I am come to Mumbai, just before a month. Company gave us the accommodation in the building. On Thursday, after returning from work, we had a shower and were just about to sleep. Around 8:20 am, people started shouting and before we could do anything, the building collapsed.”

He further said, “Building was in a dilapidated condition. The building must have collapsed due to the continuous rainfall since three days. There was water leakage in every house and the houses were filled with water. But we three were fortunate to be alive. But we lost along with the house. We don’t have money and clothes. So after we get discharged, where should we go? Is the question which has been playing up on our minds. And since we don’t have a mobile phone, we are not being able to contact our respective families.”